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THINGS - because we know you'd be lost without them.

Daily Dis-Info

Every so often, Aaardvark do a spoof of the Daily Info that is brought out by the the University of York Students' Union and distribute it around Campus. Here are all the ones we've released so far.
  1. Student Dis-info. Friday 13th November 1992
  2. Student Dis-info. Friday 19th November 1993
  3. PUSU Daily Dis-info. 24th October 1994
  4. St. Valentine's PUSU Daily Dis-info. 14th February 1995
  5. PUSU Daily Dis-info. 10th anniversary edition. 19th January 2002
Any web browser can be used, but in order to get an optimum viewing and printing experience, Firefox should be used.
If printing these Dis-Infos from your web browser, make sure all margins are set to 0.
If printing the St. Valentine's PUSU Daily Dis-info Dis-Info, print it on pink paper.

Our entries in the SU handbook

When we were a society at York University, we had handbook entries. View our Students' Union handbook entry for any of the following years:

Other things

Here are some things that have appeared in our magazines Jim, Son of Jim and Ping!. Some of these things have appeared in odd places such as a T-shirt and a television, and some things have yet to appear anywhere.


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