It was a cold dark night. The sun beat down hot enough to fry an egg on an ice-cube. Ghengis Kahn sighed. It had been a hard day at the stork-pickling factory near Wilberfoss.

"Cheer up," said Florence Nightingale. "The Hooded Claw is coming round for tea."

"Smashing," said Ghengis. "Can I invite Julie Andrews and the Clap-Trapp family?"

"But Ghengy," said Florence, her lower lip quivering with consternation, "their polar bear ate my Aspidistra the last time!"

"yeah, but you still got the refund off Ollie and the Wallabies."

Then, as if by magic, the shopkeeper appeared, with all the little children gathered around him.

"Now then, has anyone seen my ...................?"

And this is where Aaardvark need YOU! Complete this story in no less than 5000 words and you could win a pineapple.



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