The following are various Aaardvark video clips and sound clips. Some of these have been collected together in such programmes as Son of Rasputin, but others are just free-range and don't belong to a programme.

The video clips are available in two formats — Real-media's .rm format and XviD format .avi files — the latter being of higher quality, but are much larger and take longer to download. The XviD format videos use an MP3 sound-track. The sound clips are in MP3 format.

The clips aren't meant to be streamed, so you just download them and play them at your convenience. You can either launch them in a media-player directly or save the clip to your computer by selecting "Save link as" from the web-browser context sensitive menu.

The video-clips look best in Hi-colour or True-colour graphics modes. That is, 15-bit colour or greater (32768 colours or greater), so make sure you aren't viewing this in 256 colours (8-bit colour) or less.

For instructions on downloading the required software for playing the media, see the Media player software section.


Here are some video clips of various sketches we have filmed, sorted by which of our programmes they originate from.

Son of Rasputin (1994)

Produced by YSTV

Sketch nameRealMedia (.rm)
XVID (.avi)
Restauraunt sketchsketch_restauraunt.rm (756 kb)
Toilet sketchsketch_toilet.rm (464 kb)
Fishing sketchsketch_fishing.rm (439 kb)
Pomegranate sketchsketch_pomegranate.rm (257 kb)
NEW!!! Newsflash sketchsketch_newsflash.rm (348 kb)sketch_newsflash.avi (4086 kb)

YSTV's children in need 1993 programme (1993)

Produced by YSTV

Coming soon...

Free range sketches

Produced by Us

Sketch nameRealMedia (.rm)
XVID (.avi)
"Haal jij de micro n's weg" sketchsketch_micro.rm (114 kb)

Sketch nameMP3 (.mp3)
NEW!!! "Name That Lemming" sketchsketch_name_that_lemming.mp3 (745 kb)

Media player software

If on downloading the clips you can hear the sound and see the video, there's no need for you to read this section any further.


In order to play .rm videos, you will need to download a player that can play RealMedia files. You can get the official RealPlayer from the Real website. If you do not want to install the latest version of RealPlayer, you can find an older version at (you need RealPlayer 7 or above to play the clips. We recommend RealPlayer 7).

Alternatively if you don't like the idea of installing the official version of RealPlayer, you can install Real Alternative (Windows only).


XviD is an open-source video format. The source-code can be found on the XviD homepage. Pre-built versions of the XviD codec for Windows and Mac (complete with installers) can be found on the codec download page

Note that the XVID videos on this webpage are in an .avi container and use an MP3 sound-track.


If you need some software to play mp3 files, the website of the LAME project has an extensive set of links

Most versions of Windows can already play MP3 sounds (also if they are embedded within an .avi file). Just in case yours cannot, install the LAME ACM Codec

A good standalone MP3 player for Windows is Winamp.

Installing codecs for all formats at once

If you are using Windows, you can download and install the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack. This includes many audio and video codecs and once installed, both RealMedia and XviD videos (along with their MP3 soundtracks) can be played.


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