PUSU University of Pork Student's Union Daily Dis-Info

24th OCTOBER 1994

LANGUAGES FOR ALL: due to popular request, the classes in level 8 (post doctoral) Bulgarian will be privatised. Shares on sale from S.U. shop commencing Thursday week 4.

REPETITIVE SOCIETY: Monday's meeting will be held again in X/002 at 7pm tonight.

Can you spell "bone" without the 'f'?
"What? There's no 'f' in bone"
Well, that's what Mother Hubbard's dog said. Help the poor starving dogs of Mother Hubbard. Donations to United Nations Dogs Home - we care because you care.

ALL FIRST YEAR PSYCHOLOGY STUDENTS should have received their plastic cup and 6 foot inflatable ostrich. Please contact your college porter if you haven't.

Will all memchers of Surprise Soc. say "Boo!" to all those people they see wearing green today? Cheers!

Anyone going to Barclay's Bank next Saturday as I need a lift there and back (fast drivers preferred, no questions asked). Contact Sid (V).

ALTERNATIVE LABOUR SOCIETY Meeting 3pm Tuesday at the rock quarry.

AUDITIONS FOR 'GHANDI' will be held today in Goodricke car park.

ANYONE WISHNG TO AUDITION for this term's production of 'Waiting for Godot' please hang around outside the tree in Alcuin courtyard. Thank you.

Will people wishing to audition for last term's production of 'The Birthday Party', stop being silly.

INCONTINENCE SOCIETY: can't wait to see you all at the meeting: Langwith toilets, tomorrow.

FOR SALE - unwanted gift, 10 pounds.

Due to increased funding cut backs the Science and Engineering Council regrets that in the forthcoming year it will be funding research in the field of 17th Century Literary Criticism Only.

GOING TO LONDON this weekend? Enjoy yourselves.

OPEN COURSE LECTURE : "Post-relativist structural existentialism and its applications to the neo-Hegelian idealist dialectic" Prof Fred Heidegger, Department of Things, Thurs. 5pm. Everybody Welcome!

Lloyds Bank- Presentation followed by Drinks and overdraft, tonight at 7:30PM

SKIERS: Don't forget to bend ze knees!

The Apologetic Society are sorry but they are unable to meet this week. Hope this hasn't caused too much inconvenience - we really are truly repentant.

REPETITIVE SOCIETY: Monday's meeting will be held again in X/002 at 7pm tonight.

Do you want an S.U. building? S.U. building for sale, contact U. Fule, Wentworth.

TONIGHT! Wentworth JCRC present - Goodricke Bop! Vanbrugh Dining Hall, 10pm.

TRAIN SPOTTER'S SOCIETY: In order to get rid of our spoddy image, we will from now on be painting stripes on trains instead of spots.

Join the Judo club. Make loads of new friends, and beat the crap out of them.

"Living out of Faith" with Rev. John Soap and Sister Mary Jane. Meet at 12am, 21st October at the ruins in Whitby. Please bring a black candle and a lizard or chicken.

Admin. would like to apologise for the behaviour of some high ranking college staff at the end of last week. 'The Provosts in question have now had their batteries recharged or replaced, the bursars re-buffed, and the secretaries serviced. Normal giBBlets has been conresumed. If there are any other problems contact Dave Jones, Thingymabob Dept., Heslington Hall.

Tomorrow's procrastination lecture "Why Prolong the Inevitable?" has been cancelled again. Sorry. ALSO - anyone wishing to attend the end of term dinner for Summer 1994 should contact us A.S.A.P. - otherwise meet us at 7pm outside the Old Orleans on 24th October.

Elections of student representatives for the representatives for students on the Representative Students Confusion Board (RSCB) are being held again due to technical failure.

PRO-LIFE CANPAIGNERS! Sadly, tonights meeting has been aborted. We conceive to meet later on this week.

"IT'S BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!" warn the Paranoid Society. They're not sure what - so keep 'em peeled.

ENDSLEIGH INSURANCE to-day Goodricke Snackbar 12.30 IF you don't like the sound of that - then how about the whole of Vanbrugh for only 25.35 (inc. VAT)? Other student deals available.

TIME SHARE. Sekonda and Timex available for rental at reasonable rates. Interested? Contact Wa-Tc Hstraep (James)

Following the successful performances of Edward II and Richard III, YUSADs are looldng for people to audition in their new production - Rocky IV. Further details - you know what to do.

Home Cookery course will commence three minutes past the eighth hour of this evening. Please bring your own flat/room to Goodricke dining hall.


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