Rupert and the Drug Dealers


So Rupert follows the strange man,
And to a secret hut he ran.

Gasps Rupert "What's this he has dropped?"
And into his pocket it is popped.

"Look Podgy - see what I have found!"
"Wow!" says Podgy, "Here, sit down!"

While Podgy's spaced out, his poor chum
Is vomitting and feeling glum.

When Rupert asks Algy and his chums what the strange man that had just left had sold them, his friends look at their feet and won't tell. So Rupert sets off after the strange man. Eventually, he sees the man enter an old stone hut. Rupert waits until the man leaves again, then sneaks into the hut. On the ground, he sees an unusual package. Bending down to examine it more closely, he finds a variety of hard and soft drugs, along with cigarettes, matches and a big needle.
Rupert remembered getting a needle injection when he had his BCG, so he looks forward to experimenthing with that next day. He slips the whole package into his pocket and runs out. Soon, he spots Podgy Pig and together, the two friends start smoking pot. Podgy has done that before, and is soon high as a kite, but Rupert is violently sick for a long time and so would you be too, children, so DON'T DO DRUGS!

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