AGAINST ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS? - Alternatives to Vivisection, student volunteers needed for research in this campaign. No fee paid but all medical expenses covered and free aspirin on offer. Contact: Biology Porters Office.

The Wentworth Appreciation Society will be meeting 7.30pm Derwent Bar - Peter Lee's buying!

DEATH OF A SALESMAN: Could people coming to rehersals for this play, PLEASE STOP, as its not being performed this term.

FOR SALE : Alcuin College including Provost (slightly worn but good runner), £1.49 per lb . Any offers considered. Contact Alcuin Bursar.


Eat Brussels Sprouts - they're good for you.

SWSS MEETING G/045 7pm - We're very annoyed about something, er...

BONDAGE QUEEN will submit to your whim. Dial: 0898 54321

OPEN COURSE LECTURE - Porter baiting in the 1990s and its effect on the European Economic Enviroment - in the light of the Maastricht Treaty, Percy thrower (Jnr), Dept. of Horticultural Abnormalities, Monday, 9th November at 6-15 in Vanbrugh College V/045.

The meeting has been postponed indefinitely.

Next meeting of the Latin American Dance Society will be held on Tuesday in Rio de Janeiro. Room W/046.

Philosophy Society: do you exist?

After Baroness Nancy Seear's successful talk, the Liberal Democrat's speaker next Friday will be The Sanyo SXF300.

The Conservative Society would like to apologise.

CAREERS LECTURE- Beyond the grave: Undertaking in the 90's, 9.00pm V/045 Wednesday.

CAREERS LECTURE - Banking - is it good for your health?,7pm W/012, By Chris Simmons best known for his Natwest advert - "Its not all work work work y'know..."

Answer in fifteen words or less, the following sentence:
"I think the Maths Society makes a valuable contribution to student life because..."
Send answers to: Wayne Golder (L)

The Feminist Society require sperm donations in order to carry on humanity after the elimination of men. Apply at the Medical Centre, Vanbrugh.

Bootham Park Psychiatric Hospital requires volunteers for experimental electric shock therapy tests.

For last year's "The Yeoman of the Guards". Tues. 8 pm, L/036.

Sponsored by: The Pope, fishmonger to the millions.


REDUCED RAIL TICKET TO LONDON- , Valid one month. Reason for sale-went through wash. Any offers? Contact Sharon Phemm (V).

Could the gentleman I met at the mature students boogie named 'LEONARD', Please collect his false teeth from Goodricke porters.

Two barmaids seek employment after 1 years unemployment, both have ascerbic wit combined with a sunny disposition, will rise to any challenge. Contact Ethel 631420 or Ethel 347210.

STUDENTS TRAVELLING BY CAR - Anywhere in the country - Bon Voyage!

FREE INDUSTRIAL WASHING MACHINE ADVICE: Mike T'loorgooby (KLP), Industrial unemployed engineer, will be giving free industrial engineering advice in the engineers surgery on Monday at 7.15am in Goodricke G/047 or Phone Charles on 071 347632.

CHARITY TOE SUCK. Vanbrugh paradise, 5pm. If you can please come.

CAREERS LECTURE- Next Steps Part II - Decisions: Which Jeans to wear when signing on. Limited places- sign up at careers dept.


POINT SHIRLEY: Please note: From popular public demand for obscurity and pretension, all future issues will be in Latin.

SF+F: Role playing convention in Alcuin this Sunday 2pm-Spm. Games include 'Teddy Bear goes to market' and the new obscure American 'cult' RPG 'Real Life'.

CONGRATULAIIONS: Following recent elections Pete Metcalfe is the new senator for Michigan, Adam Chacksfield (MRS) isn't.

Highly convoluted 'Belgian' drama from promising new Bradford playwright. York Arts Centre, 7pm tonight. £4.50 OTD.

MARTIN, Sarah wants you, truly madly deeply.

YSTV: We certainly aren't showing anything that could be deemed pornographic at 12.30am this Tuesday. REMEMBER 12.30am Tuesday.

The Spontaneous Society will meet ....NOW!

UNIVERSITY SAFETY NOTICE: After the recent spate of thefts on campus, can students please keep their rooms left unlocked to avoid damage to university property.

Tedious underpaid job with long hours, ideal for student- apply Big Ted York 73625. Please note you will require your own supply of lard.

FROG SOC: Wibbly Wibbly Wibbly, we're all nice and lovely lovery people.

MAGRITE, APPRECIATION SOCIETY- Ceci n'est pas une societe.

MULTIMEDIA: Next Wednesday- The best of the last ten years of 'Pebble Mill at One'. 7.30-7.36pm. Alcuin A/023.


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