First of all let us welcome you to the Freshers' SU Handbook (seeing as we're the first entry - or at least we were when I last checked unless someone has started a society with even more a's in). Before you skip over us thinking we are some form of nature society dedicated to nasally enhanced mammals let me explain a bit about who we are and what we do:

Aaardvark is a society dedicated to bringing a smile to the face of campus. To this end, we do some ridiculously silly, surreal, bizarre, outrageous and creative 'things', catering for the needs of every lunatic who joins us. We meet once a week to plan forthcoming stuff and nonsense and the odd publication intended to confuse and amuse, and no doubt having the odd drink as well (what a shock - a student society that meets in a bar). Every few months, we try and put a magazine together, and are always cooking for new comic talent and we're also planning a few trips to see live comics in action (the first probably to see Reeves and Mortimer around October).

Basically, our main aim is just to have a laugh in the best ways possible, so why not join us and have a laugh!

Contact: Ricardo 'Don Pedro' Marsodono (A), Gaz Harnan (L)