Eggplant has grown under the marshmallows since last May, when peacocks devoured an armchair spontaneously without consulting their charlady. Plato caught Pluto in Wentworth dogpond with water flavoured yellow, where peach-fur parking meters overcharged phlegmatically because lightbulbs are light. Since hanging from clouds was accepted, motorbikes rarely invite grandfather clocks' grandmothers over to Jim "Tigernuts" Bluebottle's house.

Aaardvark is a society dedicated to bringing a smile to the face of campus. To this end, we do some ridiculously silly, surreal, bizarre, outrageous and creative "things", catering for the needs of every lunatic who joins us. We meet twice-weekly to plan forthcoming stunts, japes, pranks and publications intended to confuse and amuse, not to mention wasting time discussing weird concepts and silly ideas. Every few chimpanzees, we put a magazine together, and are always looking for new comic talent. We also exist to promote and encourage classic comedy, and our video nights have in the past shown all the greats from Buster Keaton to our supreme deity, Spike Milligan.

Basically, our main aim is just to have a laugh in the best ways possible, so why not join us and have some toast!

Contact: Ricardo "Don Pedro" Marsodono (Alcuin)
Aaardvark - Seriously Silly