Aaardvark Quotes List

Version of 31 January 1995

"They're just a bunch of stoned old hippies."

Dave Wheeldon, YUSU presient 1991-92, after Aaardvark gave York Uni its first SU building.

"No thanks. I can't read."

Tony Palmer, YUSU Vice-President 1992-93, trying to avoid buying a copy of Aaardvark magazine 'Jim'.

"I'll have one on my mantlepiece."

Colin Johnson, 1992.

Fresher: "so . . . what is Aaardvark?"
Aaardvark committee: "er . . . um . . . well"

Societies Fair 1992.

"I'd like to nominate myself as president for life"

Stephen Brockehurst, at the 1992-3 AGM.

"Aardvark [sic]: A sad society specializing in unfunny self-congratulatory pseudosurreal humor"

Nouse, 1993.

"I was against ratifying them because they had too many A's in their name."

Diane Millen, 1992.

"Something to do with Star Wars, the Pope, Lord Lucan and fish."

Polytechnic and University Survival Guide, 1993.

"Mmm... Smaaart!!!"

The man with the beard himself (Stephen Brocklehurst).

"Aaardvark: if you want to be wacky, or zany, or madcap, go and do it with RAG. At least that way, you can raise some money for charity, instaed of arsing around with a society that spends it's whole time trying to be the first in A-Zs of things and being allegedly witty."

Vision, 1994.

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