Our members

The committee

PresidentguidepostEl PresidenteVacant
SecretarypostscriptKeeps the minutes and other temporal measurements and types on a typewriterVacant
TreasurerfencepostKeeps the finances under controlVacant
SheriffpostmortemTries to persuade members to turn up to meetings and eventsVacant
Rave dudesignpostOrganises tripsVacant
Press and PublicityoutpostPublicising AaardvarkVacant
Magazine co-ordinatorpost-productionThe folder holder — organises and edits the magazineVacant
Scripts co-ordinatorapostropheOrganises TV sketch-shows and playsVacant
Newsletter editorpostmasterEdits the newsletterVacant
Video-night co-ordinatorbedpostCo-ordinates the video-nightVacant
AmbassadorLamp-postTo spread the word and tell people the joys of Aaardvark (light-giver).Vacant
Honorary provostfirst class postWe love provostsVacant
President for life.goalpostEl Presidente para la vidaVacant
MascotcompostSomething to adoreVacant
Silly man with the bead (and paperclip)postcardVacant
Silly man with the beard †apostleVacant
Last postLast posttraditionally held vacantVacant

Candidates must have a beard

Anyone wishing to stand for any other bad pun on the word post is welcome to invent something of their own chosing.

The members

Over the years, several distinguished individuals have entered Aaardvark and have never been heard from again.

Aaardvark — seriously silly.

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